1, non-protective sex

You will probably have infectious sexually transmitted disease without realizing it . Experts point out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia without any clinical symptoms. Mostly of the women with gonorrhea will only show only some mild symptoms, such as urine discomfort or yellow liquid flows from the vagina. The don't realize that they actually need treatment. So unprotected sex will transmit these sicknesses to men. In addition, 80% of the male patients with genital herpes also won't have obvious manifestation such as pain, or other clinical symptoms. Further researches have found that up to 75% of the men are affected by people papilloma virus (HPV) infestation. This is the most common infectious sexually transmitted disease. It is usually with no obvious symptoms, but if no timely treatment is conducted, it will infect women and lead to the occurrence of cervical cancer.Botanical Slimming


    2, repeated losing weight

    The medical profession used to think that repeated losing weight can lead to metabolic disorder, decreased muscle density and even sudden death. But thorough researches has negated the above conclusion. Repeated losing or gaining weight for sure is harmful to the health. The recent research made by Washington medical center shows that repeated weight losing can weaken the human body 's immune system. Although there is no specific reason yet, but researchers found that repeated losing weight would reduce the cell vitality and the ability to fight  against cold, infection and early cancer cells.

3, sun bask

A lot of people think that sun not only can bring charming color of skin, but also it is beneficial to health. But frequent or long-time sunbathing may lead to skin cancer and premature aging (such as splashes, wrinkles, sagging skin and capillary vessel ruptures, etc.). Although no direct link has been found between the sunbath and skin cancer , but researches show that those who have ever had sun burns have higher risk of suffering from melanoma which has the highest death rate. White people has 3 times higher risk of suffering from melanoma than other people.


    4,smoking, excessive drinking

    Most of the harmful substances in the cigarette will greatly improve your risk of having heart disease, lung cancer and other types of cancer. Specifically speaking, cancer death caused by smoking account for 30 percent of the number of all cancer deaths.

Alcohol poisoning can easily happen to alcoholics, especially in the case that one's directly-related member has the same suffering. The medical profession define over-drinking as: more than 5 bottles of beer, or the blood alcohol contain is higher than 0.08. Much alcohol can kill brain nerve cells, in the long run, people will decline in memory. What's more, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and other liver disease may occur.


    5, frequent exposure to noisy environment

    At some point you will find your hearing declining. are not as good as before. Frequent exposure to noisy environment can easily cause the auditory system impairment. sometimes we can't hear clearly what others have said, especially when we are surrounded by noise. As the growth of age, people may be slow in response to high band sound, that is to say, our ability of hearing high tones, such as the doorbell, telephone will reduce.